Mind Synergy is an innovative audio-visual device that brings the profound experiences of psychedelics into the realm of technology. Built on the foundational work of Dr. Francis LeFebure, this device uses audio and visual stimulation to create phosphene effects, offering users intense and transformative sensory journeys.

Mind Synergy – your portal to a psychedelic experience unlike any other.  Our innovative device blends state-of-the-art tech with timeless wisdom to take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth like never before. Experience profound stress relief and rejuvenating relaxation for body, mind, and spirit. Achieve emotional stability, inner harmony, and optimal vitality through deep relaxation techniques. Elevate mood, boost energy levels, and enhance overall well-being for a happier, more resilient life.

Mental Stimulation

The device employs audio stimulation, including binaural beats and specific frequencies, to activate and synchronize brainwave patterns. This technology simulates psychedelic experiences, inducing vivid sensory journeys that can lead to states of deep relaxation, heightened focus, or enhanced creativity, depending on the desired outcome.

Subconscious Reprogramming

By combining mental stimulation with targeted affirmations or visualizations, MIND SYNERGY facilitates subconscious reprogramming. This process involves accessing and influencing the subconscious mind to cultivate positive beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

ADHD Management

For individuals with ADHD, MIND SYNERGY offers specialized programs designed to improve attention, concentration, and impulse control. These programs typically involve techniques to regulate brain activity and enhance cognitive function.

Financial Success

While not a direct guarantee, MIND SYNERGY provides resources and programs aimed at promoting a mindset conducive to financial success. This may include visualization exercises, affirmations for abundance, or guided meditations focused on prosperity consciousness.

How It Works?

Mind Synergy uses advanced audio-visual techniques to simulate psychedelic-like experiences. Our carefully crafted programs guide you through a journey of captivating visuals and immersive sounds, fostering personal growth and inner exploration.

Unlock endless possibilities with Mind Synergy’s 112 powerful programs for psychedelic exploration, all in a portable design with features like SD card customization and built-in MP3 player for enhanced auditory stimulation and seamless navigation. Stay connected and up-to-date with software upgrades, ensuring your journey is always fresh and immersive.

 The Science Behind

MIND SYNERGY operates on the principles of neuroplasticity and brainwave entrainment. Research suggests that its audiovisual stimulation can synchronize brainwave patterns, potentially inducing relaxation, focus, and other desired mental states. By incorporating elements of meditation and mindfulness, MIND SYNERGY offers users a convenient way to enhance mental well-being and cognitive function. 

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“Outstanding customer service. The device is what it says it is. A definite must buy”


A device like this is hard to find and it takes me to other dimensions, I can’t imagine life without it. I love it. Thank you for making this product, it is something very special. Thank you!

Al Otari

” The device is wonderful. For a week I have been using it every day on a different program and I have noticed a considerable improvement in memory and vitality. It’s worth the money. Thank you.”


“In the short time since I have been using Mind Synergy, I have noticed the following beneficial effects on the body:
increased ability to concentrate, even under stressful conditions,improved long-term memory and increased sleep quality”


“I am very excited about Mind Synergy. I used it daily. It calms me down, reduces my anxiety. I had bouts of unbearable depression resistant to medication and other therapies I practice. After these three weeks of using the Mind Synergy technology I find that it helps me to eliminate the thoughts that are weighing me down. It also helps me to detach.”


I have greatly improved my walking and spine problems, and mentally I feel like a different person! I respect the research team!


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